Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to all activities of Streaming Bee. By using the services that Streaming Bee is offering, you agree to the terms included in this Policy. Streaming Bee is handling the personal data of customers most carefully. All data when creating your account will be used solely for optimal service by Streaming Bee. Your information will not be sold to third parties. If judicial authorities or other official authorities require personal information on legal grounds, Streaming Bee can provide the required information.

Data storage and security
All customer’s personal data are securely stored in the Streaming Bee customer database. This database is only accessible to employees of Streaming Bee, if necessary to the extent of their function.

This Privacy Policy is effective from September 1, 2014. Streaming Bee reserves the right at all times to adapt changes to this policy. Each changed Policy will only apply personal information, obtained after the date of publication of the amended Policy. Visitors to the site are solely responsible for keeping informed of the correct terms and conditions.